(Adjective/Noun/Verb/Religion) - pronounced (y-ooo) alternate pronunciations (yoop) - (eeeee y-ooooo)

Derived from Soulja Boy's one-hit wonder "Crank Dat," by a group of classy (mostly) and dashingly handsome (mostly) young men, 'U' is an exclamation of bliss and ecstasy at the most profound and sincere level.

Used most commonly at the poker table, the word 'U' is usually held for an extended period of time (usually 2-3 seconds), and can be repeated until proper satisfaction is achieved, no matter how long that may be.

Sometimes followed by the words, "me," "us," "nosotros," "vothothrothothhhh," while fluctuating the tone of your voice as you progress through the series of words.

The tone/volume used while saying 'U' changes based on the situation. Often pronounced in the highest volume possible a male voice box can produce, or in a very low heavy metal-esque growl.

Fists are often clenched, every muscle in the body is often tensed, and the mind often ignores all other aspects of life.

In a true coincidence, it often coincides with the clock hitting 4:20(a.m. or p.m.).
Person 1(After hitting a runner-runner gut shot straight draw with 2-6 suited): Aaaah Ooooh Uuuuu, Uuuu, Oh what up guys what up.

Person 2(In disbelief after Brandon Jennings, overrated PG for the Milwaukee Bucks, dropped 55 in one game. Eyes are glazed over, face is red, rocking back in forth in his chair, as a matter of fact, he appears to be having a seizure): UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!(gasping for breath)u...u...u...u...u...u.

Person 3(After hitting quads): QUADS! QUADS! QUADS! QUADS! U u U u U u U, uuuuuuuuuuuuuu(in a very gollum-like whisper).

Person 4(After a donk achieved by staying in the hand due to pot odds): UUUUUUUUUUU!(highest voice possible, fists clenched, along with teeth, jumping up and down while upper body remains mostly stationary).

Person 5(After Shane Long, signed for an inordinate amount of money, scores the winner for Arsenal against Tottenham in the Community Shield): eeeeeUUUUUUUU!!!
by DoctaDrei December 07, 2010
Shortened form of "you," for people so lazy/efficient that they want to save two entire letters.
d00d, u r soooooooo smart!!!!!!!!!!11
by Lewi the Apologist December 31, 2003
N Korea: u got ne uranium?

Pak: y

N Korea: lol

US: u got ne uranium?

N Korea: n
US: k
by LexAveNYC June 17, 2009
The mispelling of a three letter word "you", and used by lazy bums, who simply cannot write 2 extra letters because they are retarted.
I am more l337 that U are!
by Kardo January 01, 2005
A letter used in slang for "you" which is comonly used to adults and youth. For fucking retards who can't be stuffed to write the three letter word.
guy1: R u a retard?
guy2: Why do u ask?
guy1: cos i think u r..
guy2: Well yes. Yes i am. r U?
guy1: getlost bitch.
by Xx-vee June 07, 2006
1. One of the 26 letters of the western alphabet.

2. Short for "you" a rather l33t term or used by little kids under 12.

3. An extra letter that is inserted in "Proper English"
u rox!
I say old bean. That "armour" has no "colour".
by vulpnine December 04, 2004
AOL speak for "you." AOL speak, my ass!
15-year-old girl at the cash register: Hello! May I help u?
Me: Yeah, I'll have a nice cup of STFU!
by dj gs68 July 24, 2003

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