Version of the word "you" used by lamers who are too lazy to type two other freakin' letters.
LOLWTF u r teh nub!!1!!11LOLOMGWTFBBQ
by GastonRabbit June 10, 2004
Used in online sex chat to symbolise a tonuge, suggesting the person (usually a guy) wants to use his tongue on his partner (usually a woman), in the same way people will use X to symbolise a kiss.
M: Oh baby i fuckin want you
F: Mmmmm yes darling xxx
M: X
F: X
M: U
F: mmmmmmmm lol
by Michelle's Stud August 02, 2010
Donkey hoofprint symbol used by Poker Donkeys. Can be used as a greeting , and/or to show support for other poker donkeys at the poker table.
Rusty Jones wins a pot with duece seven hole cards. AK shows his approval of the play by typing " U " in the chatbox.
by AK Donkey April 14, 2010
The completely useless shortening of the word "you." Commonly used by assholes who are to lazy to type/text the extra 2 letters.
Loser: hey baby i love u
Girl: thats it you bastard we're through
Girl: If you really loved me you'd type the extra two letters asshole!
letz go 2 teh mall u bitchezz!


Person: My mom just died.
Other Person: omg im so srry 4 u
Person: fuck you.
by flippycat38462 August 18, 2009
Is not actually a word, but a Letter

And Justin is a douche. :D
Dont be an idiot. U
An abbreviation for the word "you" which is easier to type especially if you are text messaging over a mobile device
wut up w/ u?
by Jacob November 11, 2003
Text shorthand for You
Text shorthand is usfl nd ny one who tnks dffrnt is a twt nd
r cmpltly cntish
by uncle marmajuke August 03, 2006
The only place where you can get shot 106 times if you take out your wallet
The only place where you can marry your cousin...
The only place where pot-head teenagers can go to war in irak and such like a bloody hitlerjungend
The only place where people remind you how patriotic they are whit their damn freedom fries or freedom hamburgers..
The only place where you can get a TEK-9 and kill all your classmates in a single day..
The only place where the people hate canada and if they don't thei're just stupid and never heard of it.
Damn country full of amish and war freaks
Idiot father:Hey son! wanna jump into a pool of red clay mud thingy ??
Idiot son :Booy would I !! Can I really do it daddy?
Idiot Father:Sure son it's our idiotic sport!!
Idiot son :Yeey dady that was fun ! !Yiipe fun!! Ill go and molest my 2 year old sister'
by TheCommisar42 November 20, 2005

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