Version of the word "you" used by lamers who are too lazy to type two other freakin' letters.
LOLWTF u r teh nub!!1!!11LOLOMGWTFBBQ
by GastonRabbit June 10, 2004
1. The 21st letter of the alphabet

2. A lazy way to write, text, or spell the word, "you."
Is it really that hard to make 2 fucking letters? No. Watch:

Learn to spell, dickheads.
by 333SlayerCFH August 15, 2010
A shortened version of "you", which is used in chat rooms and forums by lazy people to save time. Yet most of these people go through the trouble of peppering their sentences with exclamation points and 1s.
u r gay11!!!1!!
by von karma July 16, 2010
A common misspell of the word "You" used by toddlers and

Douche bags.

Most accused of using the term "u" will often
defend themselves by saying something along the lines of "dis is da inturn3t, i have rytes" and so on.
"Yo dawg, 'u' have da biggest penis"

"Yo dawg, 'u' wanna go to da club?"
by KackySocks October 12, 2012
The completely useless shortening of the word "you." Commonly used by assholes who are to lazy to type/text the extra 2 letters.
Loser: hey baby i love u
Girl: thats it you bastard we're through
Girl: If you really loved me you'd type the extra two letters asshole!
letz go 2 teh mall u bitchezz!


Person: My mom just died.
Other Person: omg im so srry 4 u
Person: fuck you.
by flippycat38462 August 18, 2009
lamer/1337 verson of you. Depending on the way you use it you can be classified as dumb or 1337.
U retard.
by Scott Sasaki July 20, 2002
1.) Shortend way to say 'you'. Used mainly on Messengers.
2.) The 21st letter in the English alphabet
Gerry: Where do u live??
Herald: Can't say sorry.:-(

by George C# July 05, 2006
Shortened form of "undo", the most important Autocad command.
Oops, I just made a mistake. That's okay, there's "U".
U U U U (repeat until finished)
Now that I've fixed that, I'd better qsave before I mess up again.
by Wayne January 27, 2004

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