A form of non-government where a tyrant rules a group of people who are too stupid to kill him.
"Anarchy is freedom without security, Tyranny is security without freedom." -- The Gray Dragon (alias hillsurfer)
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
Top Definition
That into which liberalism ALWAYS devolves.
Liberalism, social fascism, claims to offer freedom but actually transforms working citizens into a slave class to serve the greedy unproductive class who insists on greater entitlements. As the latter (unemployed) group becomes larger, greedier, and generationally ignorant, they give social fascists more power to rape the employed and the employer while vying for increased democracy. Because of their ignorance they rally for democracy, a tool for facilitating shift to tyranny, instead of defending the republic, the bulwark of liberty in America.
by taxed into prosperity October 05, 2011
tyranny , is like a goatse just more sick like lemon party
It is a website ( www.tyranny.org ) which makes people jump , and is sick .
like www.lemonparty.org
by caboose January 06, 2005
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