A poet or author who writes passionately about one subject and one alone. Simular to type cast, type writer is a play on words as well as an adjective, usually negative.
Robert Frost is such a type writer, he's always talking about fucking nature.
by AnnaSthesia High December 18, 2006
Top Definition
an acient typing device your parents used after walking home from school through ten-foot snow drifts uphill both ways
Hey Karen! Look at this new typewriter i got! it even has automatic return!
by none January 15, 2004
the longest word that can be typed using only the top keys
typewriter- is that a COINCIDENCE?
by letusbeus December 02, 2006
The act of pinning someone down, and using the tips of your fingers to type on their upper chest, tickling them tremendously.
"Bob, if you don't be quiet, I'm going to have to typewriter you!"
by Sally Joe November 17, 2007
A device with a keyboard that makes slapping sounds when you try to use it to connect to the internet.

Typical usage by a teenager:


Jesus - this fucking piece of shit typewriter doesn't have wireless.
by Joshua James October 11, 2006
a word typed with only the top row of the keyboard.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
any type of turtle who does favors for other turtles regardless of the other turtles gender or race/
Two turtles are taking a shower. One turtle drops the soap and asks the other turtle to pick up the soap. The other turtle retorts, "What do I look like, a TYPEWRITER!?!
by Ras906 October 31, 2010
The act of pinning someone down and jamming your fingers into their collar bone, "typing", and then backhanding them to start a new line on the page. The processes is repeated as many times as desired.
"What happened to him?"
"Oh he just got typewritered."
by english.muffin July 31, 2012
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