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the kind of diabetes you get when someone talks constantly about how in love he or she is, because it's too sweet for your pancreas to handle, like way too much sugar all the time.
friend 1: if you're wondering what that smile on my face is all about its because I have had the best month ever. lovin me some friend 2. sorry for causing you all to get type 3 diabetes.


friend 1: ummm can it be about 4 pm tomorrow so I can be back in friend 2's arms?!?! i'll help pay for your insulin since it's my fault you have type 3 diabetes now.


friend 3: is SO happy my baby came home last night!! Time to shop for a Christmas tree, decorate it and have a lazy Sunday with her :) Life couldn't get any better :). you definitely have type 3 diabetes by now, everyone!
by agpdeity November 30, 2009
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