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a disposition to type, instead of talk. Used in the same way as "talkative" but in the context of written communication where typing is involved, such as email, IM conversations, or electronic documents.
This is a long email, but I'm feeling typative today.
by Axxiom April 16, 2004
Being excessively verbose in online text conversations.
Man those AOLusers sure are typative bitches.
by The FOO April 20, 2004
When you yourself are not feeling overly energetic, but on your IM service your hands cannot stop typing or a typing very fast.
I was nearly asleep last night on MSN but my hands were so typative
by dikooo April 03, 2011
When one is very talkative over messenger and their key strokes are extremely fast and loud.
Greg was very typative today. I could hear him hitting his keyboard all day.
by urbanlover85 February 26, 2010
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