the guy that stands out and the one that always listens when u have something to say. he can be a jerk but thats when u realize its because his day was crappy. curly brown hair often known for the one that plays sports..
whoa! that was such a tyler!
by h..a..c..j March 04, 2012
Tyler is a man that will always care for you. Even if he breaks it with you he still cares. He just thinks that you don't love him any more. He is usually tall but some are short. Most have brown hair, brown eyes, and the cutest smile ever. He has a large dick that'll always make you wet at the sight of it (or hard if a man.) He will cry if you cry. Now go find your self a Tyler.
Girl one: You see him?
Girl two: Yeah.
Girl one: Does he look like a Tyler to you, too?
Girl two: Uh, DUH!
Girl one: Good, he is my boyfriend.

Girl two: NO FAIR!
by Tyler'sKelsey October 21, 2013
One who thinks they are cool. A person who tries to fit in with with others but just doesnt fit right. Usually the guy that girls like because of the hair until they see the small wood. Has few true friends except 1 or two. One who takes it in the pooper.
O that Tyler guy, he's probably trying to fit in somewhere
by TCB1693 October 05, 2010
Tyler is perfection itself. He's a ladies man, and has a charming perfect smile. He's popular, funny, and he's got smarts, too! Tyler is extremely sexy with that muscular body and brown hair. His brown eyes are so gorgeous against his tanned skin (a good chance your Tyler might be Italian). Tyler always makes you laugh and he loves to give hugs if he has a crush on you. Tylers are sometimes seen as players, although they're really not; they'll move on from one girl to another very quickly, but they are very loyal, and stay single for a while after a breakup. Try to be his best girl friend, always someone he can talk to, if you're interested in him. He'll more likely take notice of you if you're a person who catches his eye and smiles or waves at you in the hall when he sees you. Tyler's soul mate will most likely have M, S, or R as the first letter of their name, and their best friend's names usually start with J, N, W, and C. Overall, Tyler is perfect! <3
Girl 1: Did you see that hottie over there?
Girl 2: Oh, yeah, that's Tyler. Total ladies man.
Girl 1: *swoons*
by #whitegirlstatus December 02, 2014
TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P
cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship, being developed by Anonymous. It's intented to be used in Project Mayhem.
- The editor role in Wikileaks is a heavy weak point, dude.

- TYLER has no editor, so don't worry.
by An0nUnveiler September 09, 2011
usually a tall guy with long brown hair, blueish green eyes and loves to play hockey. which means he has to be irresistably sexy. this kind of guy gets all the girls, but sticks to the ones you dont expect. tylers are very flirty and will do anything to have some fun. Tyler's tend to have okay sized dicks, but could deffinetly get bigger.
"omg look at that couple! he could do so much better, what a Tyler."
by i8thatnigga August 12, 2011
The guy who makes you fall for him with one look. Just his smile can give you butterflies. He'll make you nervous because of his badass carefree attitude, but he cares more than you might think. Just talking to him you can tell he's been through a shit ton, but he'll never tell you. His music taste is better than anything and he has really amazing thoughts on life and the world. He has the hottest curly brown hair and green eyes and when he looks at you you can't help but to trust him and want him more than anyone. He's funny as hell and he'll make fun of you a lot but you can't take it seriously because it's just his personality. Every time he talks to you you'll melt and he can get you to tell him any secret even if you don't want to. If you're lucky enough to be friends with him, let alone like him and have him like you back, you're one of the luckiest girls alive because he's the most unique person ever and you'll never meet anyone else like him. All in all he's amazing so if you're lucky enough to be with him don't ever let him go.
Girl : I'm scared to kiss someone
Tyler : kiss me
Girl : okay
by trees n joey bada$$ May 14, 2015
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