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A Tyler that isn't a huge flirt surrounded by girls is hard to find, ALL the girls want him! Although he looks like he can't get enough of it, he has a sensitive side that wants to find true love. Tyler's don't go around throwing their feelings out they are confident on the outside but very rarely open up to ANYONE!

They have a close bond with their guardians, and don't often introduce people to them unless they certain that person is THE ONE!

A Tyler is a cheeky chappy with the capacity to love someone with all their heart!

If you find this type of Tyler, keep it quiet because everyone wants a Tyler for themselves!
"Look at Tyler, i wish he'd like me"

"NO! He should like me!"
by lovepandaxx February 10, 2014
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Tyler is an AMAZING person with great looks and awesome brown eyes.He knows how to make people laugh and smile whenever they need to.He's really cute and he's so short he's like a little munchkin ;) Tyler is a loveable person who is great at making people laugh.If you have a Tyler in your life,consider yourself a very,very lucky person.
Wow,that Tyler is hilarious.
That Tyler kid is really cute!
I love having a Tyler in my life.
by Fake_Hanna_Marin February 03, 2014
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Tyler's make awesome best friends and amazing boyfriends. They are usually tall, average weight, and have brown hair. They'll be there if you need a shoulder to cry on, or if you just want someone to talk to. They usually fall in love with girls who are named Catie, Brianna, Jade, Paige, or Camryn.Tyler's are the most romantic, and the sweetest, and cutest. It doesn't take long for you to fall in love with one, and it doesn't take long for them to fall in love with someone either. They usually don't let a girl know how they feel until several years later. So to sum it up, Tyler's are amazing, loyal, sweet, cute, honest, kind, caring, romantic, and just plain awesome!!
by TylerBurton123456789 December 30, 2013
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tall, awesome hair, more metal than the left side of the period table.
he's tyler. yeah. he's awesome.
by can i help you at all November 26, 2013
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Tyler is a man that will always care for you. Even if he breaks it with you he still cares. He just thinks that you don't love him any more. He is usually tall but some are short. Most have brown hair, brown eyes, and the cutest smile ever. He has a large dick that'll always make you wet at the sight of it (or hard if a man.) He will cry if you cry. Now go find your self a Tyler.
Girl one: You see him?
Girl two: Yeah.
Girl one: Does he look like a Tyler to you, too?
Girl two: Uh, DUH!
Girl one: Good, he is my boyfriend.

Girl two: NO FAIR!
by Tyler'sKelsey October 21, 2013
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Coolest Person Ever to exist in the history of history. Extremely Awesome Dude!!!!!!! Usually Blond and gets the blondes! Takes awesome selfies! Always gets the girl in the end. Likes TacoBell
"That guy was a total Tyler!" "Ikr he was eating TacoBell"
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An idiot nonetheless. I can't describe how annoying they are in detail. They are a VERY rare breed. THESE kind of thing cause world war 3 to occur. These tylers turn bodybuilders into pussies. they disturb the peace, and they make everyone around him look so much cooler than they already are. Depending on the breed of tyler, each of them will have a variation of the "nutuh"- a noise produced for the mating call for the tylisha's (female tylers). Tyler then mates and goes through "transformations", but NOBODY has ever been past stage 3.........

every new stage makes tyler more and more annoying...
Tyler has a little dick, scrawny appearance and has a hairline dedicated to MC donalds. he's bad with girls and says he's dating a girl that doesnt even live in his country. His voice is also....... annoying...... tylers make friends with little kids and is afraid to be around the big boys.
by thesonicsketcher June 25, 2014
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