An amazing guy with long chocolate brown hair and dark amber-brown eyes. He prefers to be called Ty and has a girlfriend and a best friend who both care for him. If there was a world record for world's most perfect person, a picture of him would be there. He's a pretty collected guy but can have his awkward or unhappy moments. He's very loud and cares for everyone more than he cares for himself. Any girl who gets to be his girlfriend is very lucky, as he does not fall in love easily. So many girls go after him that it's hard for him to control, so he doesn't. He lets people be themselves and isn't afraid to be himself. Most call him emo, a drug addict, ETC, but they are just trying to take him down. He's a perfectly light-hearted, kind-spirited, all-around perfect guy.
Me: OMG Emily did you just see Ty?!
Emily: What do you see in him? He's just some emo guy with no type of talent... and his name is Tyler.
Me: You don't know what you're talking about. Get to know him before you judge. He's the perfect guy.
by Fire&Ice December 24, 2014
A sexy beast who is perfect and has a sexy body. He is tall and funny who wears flat rims and look sexy while wearing it. He's super sweet and nice and you can trust him with anything. He's the perfect boyfriend.
You see that Tyler over there.
by Sb2 April 10, 2014
Hot, gets the chicks, brunette, crazy, big nice dick, awesome, most likely about to be famous or famous and better than any other person now thats an awesome dude
that boy is so tyler.
by Hi My Name is Paul November 24, 2013
Tyler is an incredible, sweet and caring man that will be your best friend, and husband.
He is so unique that even though he has such a common name, no one can be him.
He is dark and handsome, hilarious, fun and so smart but doesn't seem to realize how amazing he really is.
If you're dating a Tyler like this, don't ever forget it or take him for granted.
The best part about Tyler is he's always there waiting for you.
Yen: "I just saw Tyler..."
Savannah: "You two are so happy!"
best boyfriend ever i love you
by Yen95 November 23, 2013
A totall dumbass, who often risks his life to impress his douchebag friends. Is also often convinced he's athletic when he's really not.
"He's so annoying, he's such a Tyler."
by LoosyGoosy February 13, 2013
That tall skinny kid with the long brown hair who likes getting high and wearing hats a lot. Commonly heard saying "word". he's laid back, friendly, funny, easy to get along with and great to chill with. He's also incredibly sexy and irresistible.
1. I'm chillin wid Tyler dis weekend
2. damn Tyler is fine
by Farmer Joe Bob Dylan Ranger May 27, 2008
A son of a bitch. The fuck boy of the crowd. Most people want to t-bag him with a truck or train.
Hey there is tyler, I want to hit him with a truck.
by Crazymothatrucka January 12, 2015

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