An amazing guy with long chocolate brown hair and dark amber-brown eyes. He prefers to be called Ty and has a girlfriend and a best friend who both care for him. If there was a world record for world's most perfect person, a picture of him would be there. He's a pretty collected guy but can have his awkward or unhappy moments. He's very loud and cares for everyone more than he cares for himself. Any girl who gets to be his girlfriend is very lucky, as he does not fall in love easily. So many girls go after him that it's hard for him to control, so he doesn't. He lets people be themselves and isn't afraid to be himself. Most call him emo, a drug addict, ETC, but they are just trying to take him down. He's a perfectly light-hearted, kind-spirited, all-around perfect guy.
Me: OMG Emily did you just see Ty?!
Emily: What do you see in him? He's just some emo guy with no type of talent... and his name is Tyler.
Me: You don't know what you're talking about. Get to know him before you judge. He's the perfect guy.
by Fire&Ice December 24, 2014
Hot, gets the chicks, brunette, crazy, big nice dick, awesome, most likely about to be famous or famous and better than any other person now thats an awesome dude
that boy is so tyler.
by Hi My Name is Paul November 24, 2013
A tall skinny ginger who has dreams of becoming mlg. He often boasts about his skill and can live up to them. He does not play sports but instead would rather play with his freinfs over xbox. Usually lives in Texas and likes the letters pL
Omg Tyler is so good at call of booty
by Ralph jelly pl September 16, 2015
A rock head who has sex with pebbles.
A bobby why are you being a tyler
by Hmmm is a lool July 18, 2015
A boy that is a know it all, but hates when you tell him so. He loves to pick fights with people. And is normally very good at his fights and will do anything to prove a point.
I wish I could be a Tyler hes really tough.
by Kygirl May 22, 2015
The guy who makes you fall for him with one look. Just his smile can give you butterflies. He'll make you nervous because of his badass carefree attitude, but he cares more than you might think. Just talking to him you can tell he's been through a shit ton, but he'll never tell you. His music taste is better than anything and he has really amazing thoughts on life and the world. He has the hottest curly brown hair and green eyes and when he looks at you you can't help but to trust him and want him more than anyone. He's funny as hell and he'll make fun of you a lot but you can't take it seriously because it's just his personality. Every time he talks to you you'll melt and he can get you to tell him any secret even if you don't want to. If you're lucky enough to be friends with him, let alone like him and have him like you back, you're one of the luckiest girls alive because he's the most unique person ever and you'll never meet anyone else like him. All in all he's amazing so if you're lucky enough to be with him don't ever let him go.
Girl : I'm scared to kiss someone
Tyler : kiss me
Girl : okay
by trees n joey bada$$ May 14, 2015
A straight up wannabe, whos the definition of manwhore. Cocky, usually owns a Dodge Ram, and is always looking for an excuse to get a BJ.
Girl One: "Damn who owns that truck??"
Girl Two: "Tyler"
Girl One: "Never mind"
by Coda_Blaze April 10, 2015

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