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a dorky nerd who brings rubix's cube-like puzzles everywhere, even to gym class, a major League of Legends nerd, and overall nice guy who can make anybody laugh
Girl 1: "Man, that boy sure is weird, but in a cool way."
Girl 2: "Yeah! That's Tyler."
by awesome_person June 05, 2014
Normally a tall kid with blonde hair and blue eyes. Generally good looking. Never talks to his girlfriend. Laughs like a retard but make people laugh at his laugh.
Girl: Whos that really tall kid he looks like a Tyler
by katiekate April 05, 2014
A whipped Bitch
Tylers Whipped
by Dooooooooooooooortitos February 17, 2014
Tall and skinny, has the most pretty eyes. An great personality. Can be found playing video games. Can make someone smile or laugh. He likes it when he's always right.

Loves and adore kaina so much that sometimes he just want to choke her. Lol 9_1_13
"Sometimes I just wanna choke you kaina " hes a tyler
by Inaveliz January 19, 2014
Word usage of a Tyler - unisex name, a cross for both genders. However, this Tyler is a boy, usually a dick. He is ultra shy with the girls, he thinks he's way chubby, then freaks out when a girl tries to show him some love. A Tyler hangs out with his momma too often :)

Tyler is a chubby momma's boy :)
"My friend Tyler is a chubby momma's boy. His chubbiness makes him very, very shy :)"

"your lucky you met a Tyler."
by MoiLuvz.... January 16, 2014
Hot, gets the chicks, brunette, crazy, big nice dick, awesome, most likely about to be famous or famous and better than any other person now thats an awesome dude
that boy is so tyler.
by Hi My Name is Paul November 24, 2013
Tall, and skinny. Has the most pretty eyes. Long, soft brown hair. And a great personality. Can often be found playing video games, or hanging with friends. He's very touchy feely; loves hugs. He knows how to make someone smile. Isn't quite sure what he wants. He always seems to be confused. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. Awesome. He's Tyler.
"He's such a Tyler."
by AllyCat5 May 30, 2011