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A person who is like the character "Tybalt" from the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. A Tybalt is usually a pain in the neck and has a temper problem.
"Did you see that tybalt on Jerry Spinger yesterday?"
"Yeah! What a jerk!"
by TaylorToTheMaxx March 08, 2008
Character from Romeo and Juliet, who is Juliet's cousin.

Who ever plays him must be very hot.
Girl 1: OMFG! Did you see that ass on Tybalt during the play?!
Girl 2: Mmmmmm. I sure did. Boys should definetly wear tights more often.
by Tybalt's_Lover May 24, 2006
from romeo and juliet, known for being a great fighter.

found in the halo gaming commuity known to shoot u.
OMFG how did u shoot me with 3 shots
by Jason January 07, 2004
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