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Thank you
Bra I TY for being faithful too me
by Mr. be safe always June 15, 2014
Prototype husband, kinda perfect, sweet person, no attitude, just nice the way he is!
Your husband is a real Ties!
by Slowiie* March 07, 2006
A small, Jewish male actor who is responsible for all of Megan's production woes; alternatively: one who never shows up to shoots, causes major filming problems, and must always be blamed for every situation
"The camera broke and the actor I need is not picking up his phone."

"It's Ty again, isn't it?"
by Megan the All Powerful Gal March 28, 2013
Very nice person, the perfect husband and has a good caracter..
Oh my God! He's a real Ties!
by Slo February 12, 2006
A slutty girl that sleeps with married men, has really bad eye brows, and rides horses when she's not riding various men.
Did you see that girl performing beastiality with her livestock?
She must be a Ty.
by Wilma Abraham January 07, 2012
Thank you, thanks, glad to know
Man, I didn't know the last bus leaves at 12, TY.
by csisto50 May 19, 2008
short term for thank-you

a lot of gamers use this
jane- your hair is so soft!
luke- lol ty
jane- ..what?
luke- thank you
jane- oooooooh...mah b, i dont speak that stuff
luke- its ok lol
by upnOrth. January 24, 2010