Prototype husband, kinda perfect, sweet person, no attitude, just nice the way he is!
Your husband is a real Ties!
by Slowiie* March 07, 2006
Ty means thank you in computer text.
ty 4 ur pix of ur d, man if u no wht i mean
by Kate Dare October 23, 2015
Ty means that Thank you because its a short way to say Ty not Thank you not always.
Lolakola127 - Oh you look so pretty
LilMama276 - Awww Ty bae
by CalistaKwabicK June 12, 2015
An annoying kid who says your mom to anything you say to him
Me: Hey ty nice shirt
Ty: Your mom gave it to me
Me: Ty...Fuck you
by Mincraftboss4r January 06, 2016
A beautiful, loyal girl that will be there for u No matter what.She is a true ROD she will be there when u need her. She is the best that there is.
Man I Wish I Had a Ty 😔😒
by baee23 March 29, 2015
Very nice person, the perfect husband and has a good caracter..
Oh my God! He's a real Ties!
by Slo February 12, 2006
A slutty girl that sleeps with married men, has really bad eye brows, and rides horses when she's not riding various men.
Did you see that girl performing beastiality with her livestock?
She must be a Ty.
by Wilma Abraham January 07, 2012

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