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Twollars is a currency of appreciation for Twitter. Twollars are designed to reward positive actions. You can give Twollars when someone helps you by tweeting useful information, sharing a tip, writing an inspiring Tweet or if you are just feeling generous.

Besides giving them to people, you can show your support to multiple charities on Twitter by sending them Twollars. Tweet your Twollars to a good cause. For instance – this tweet donates 10 Twollars to VitaminAngels : @vitaminangels 10 Twollars for all their great work in Africa . VitaminAngels can collect Twollars this way and later, exchange them for hard currency from businesses and people who support their cause.

Everyone on Twitter has a starting balance of 50 Twollars. All you need to do is tweet them to people and donate them to causes you support and believe in. If you are still unsure on how to use Twollars or what we are about, you can read our FAQs or fill in your Twitter name below and go to your own, personal Twollars page.
"Did you hear about this new twollars thing on twitter?"
by rwdcty February 24, 2010
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