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A small town in Mississippi which acquired the nickname because of its single strip of stores and restaurants, its prohibition of alcohol and the plethora of hot underage and college ass waiting to get ravaged.
Hey man let's head to pop Vegas and find some college ass.
by popvegasallstar March 13, 2010

Masturbating with Pam cooking spray as lubricant.
Can't go with u tonight ill be pamerbating.
by popvegasallstar March 14, 2010
The act of purchasing beer from walmart and doubling back to get multiple merchandise off the same receipt.
Jim and I pulled a twofer last night.
by popvegasallstar March 13, 2010
Using vicks vapor rub as sexual lubrication.
Had me some vicks vaporlove earlier... now I'm all opened up.
by popvegasallstar March 14, 2010

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