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a sex act to be performed on a frozen lake, pond or skating rink. the two handed Zamboni is identical to the inverted wheelbarrow with one exception the man wears ice skates and the woman wears ice skates on her hands ... and is only considered a successful two-handed Zamboni when performed while moving across the ice.
Guy and Veronica almost got da frostbite when they did da two-handed Zamboni last Tuesday, ay.
by wuntoothrie June 10, 2011
Verb. A sex position where the female goes into a bridge position while the male enters her vaginally in a standing position. He may have to bend his knees slightly to achieve this and should support her lower back with both his hands

The name was first introduced on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
They did the two-handed zamboni last night
by sex canada May 17, 2009
As made popular by "How I Met Your Mother"

When a girl most likely in Canada as it is a Canadian sex act is wearing nothing but two skates on her hands
Stan: Aw, man you should have seen Natalia she I walked in from the ice rink and she was doing the two handed zamboni!

Ron: Nice!
by Beauvoirismygirl January 07, 2012
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