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a sex act to be performed on a frozen lake, pond or skating rink. the two handed Zamboni is identical to the inverted wheelbarrow with one exception the man wears ice skates and the woman wears ice skates on her hands ... and is only considered a successful two-handed Zamboni when performed while moving across the ice.
Guy and Veronica almost got da frostbite when they did da two-handed Zamboni last Tuesday, ay.
by wuntoothrie June 10, 2011
a warm exhalation on the crotch of the person's pants or under garments of the person you're about to perform oral sex on.
1. Yeah, sally gave me a blowjob last night. It was great, she started me off with a warm welcome ... yeah.

2. OMG, he totally gave me a warm welcome before he tore off my panties and ate me out ... yeah.
by wuntoothrie November 20, 2011
a secretive sexual term for analingus. Like a french kiss, but more emb.ass.y. Generally used when trying to conceal the fact that you're talking about licking someone's butt in front of them ...
Joe: who's this ?
Jeff: This is Mary, we're going to the french embassy later.
Joe: nice.

Mary: ?!?
by wuntoothrie November 13, 2011
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