When someone acts one way in front of you, but than when your not around has fun ridiculing you
JProc is such a two faced S.O.B when he's not around
by Payday May 13, 2006
when a person that you thought was your friend goes behind your back and talks about or tells other people what you have said about them!
my and my firend told john a lot of stuff about this girl and then he went behind our backs and told her every damn thing was said about her!JOHN is two faced.
by nfgril July 05, 2006
a friend who's the sweetest person when alone with you but a bitch who doesn't acknowledge you when with other friends. she makes you indirectly look bad so she can seem better. a hypocrite, a backstabber, a fake.
she is possessive of her own friends (even the ones that YOURE friends with too!) and makes herself seem like the victim when it's really you. (WTF?!)
roommate1/fake friend: bye guys! see you later! *hurries out*
me: where is she going?
roommate2/real friend: to go hang out with some of our other friends
me: ....i didn't know about hanging out today
roomie2/real friend: that's cause she didn't want us to go too
me: two-faced..
by julee yousab March 03, 2011
someone who acts nice to you when you are around them, but the minute you're gone they're bad-mouthing you.
"OMG cameron is so two-faced, when you are with him hes acting like hes your best friend but when your gone hes saying bad things about you and saying he hates you."
by Stevo2560 August 02, 2007
Someone who has two faces or parts to their personality. Like they'll be all nice to you one second and when you're gone start talking about you behind your back.
Mary: Oh my gosh! Hey Laura!
Laura: Heyy!
Mary: You look so cute today!
Laura: Thx. :)
Mary: Well see you later hun!
Laura: Bye Mary!

*once Laura is gone*

Mary: Ugh, I'm tired of that two-faced bitch.
Stephanie: I know right?
by The Hit September 08, 2009
someone that goes around bitching about everybody then sucks up to them 5 secs later. usually occurs at volleyball tournaments by really short people who wish to be popular.
katie bitches about everyone then is their bestie two seconds later. shes the urban dictionary definition of two faced.
by Kaaatteeeeeee July 10, 2008
A person who acts like your friend and is one way around you but acts a different way around other people and talks shit behind your back.
That mofo Bob is so two faced he's nice around me but talks shit behind my back!
by streetdefiner July 02, 2011
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