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A situation during intercourse in which a woman involved in an orgy with two men has one man penetrating her from the front while the other man penetrates her from the back. This can also happen with two women, in which both women are wearing strap ons, penetrating the targeted woman from both the front and back. It can also happen with a man, and a woman wearing a strap on.
The three lesbians were making out naked, when two of them put on strap ons and gave the remaining lesbian a two way. It gave her an instagasm.
by Black_Spade July 10, 2008
41 76
A thong that goes up the front. in other words....a wedgie + a camel toe in one pair of underwear.
She wears a two way but im not quite sure what that means.


I dont see why people wear two-ways. I would just free-ball it.
by Linz March 18, 2005
716 169
A two headed strap-on sexual device.
She was wearing the two way.
by Buck-Wild April 16, 2003
464 138
suspenders or some form of similar kinky underwear
she wears a two way but i'm not quite sure what that means (8)
by peep peep March 20, 2008
347 91
short for two-way pager- a small electronic device that allows communication in two directions; a more advanced version of the original "pager" which worked by allowing a caller to send a numeric message to the person with the pager. After this message, the person would have to find a telephone to place a return call. A two-way pager allows a message (text) to be returned to the person placing the original page.
She wears a two-way but I'm not quite sure what that means.
by Jeremy June 11, 2003
175 166
Sex between two people. Like a three-way, but crappier.
Will: Dude, I have never had a three way.
Ben: Me either
Will: I had a pretty sweet twoway the other night though.
Ben: Wow, what was that like?
Will: pretty good, but there were just the two of us.
Ben: really, so it was like you, and wait, ive had a two way

by thermodynamic14 March 22, 2009
5 1
a sex toy that two people can use at the same time (ie a large dildo that has two sides for insertion)
kimmy and sandy use a two-way when they have sex
by &hearts pebbs &hearts December 17, 2005
134 138
A dildo that has an inner penis that can supply pleasure to both involved...
a girl that gives it to another, in the two-way dildo.
by samlovescunt February 03, 2010
32 49