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Having an orgasm at the mere mention or thought of something.
I had an instagasm when I saw your hot mom naked.
by Mark McKinny February 03, 2004
Giving an instant orgasm by quickly jabbing one's sides near the kidney on one or both sides at once which causes involuntary movement and sometimes unnecessary noises...
Boy 1: I'm going to give that kid an insta-gasm guys...

Boy 2: (After he was given the insta-gasm) (yelling) IT'S SO INSTANT!
by shadow1337 May 23, 2009
1) Verb: To instantaneously and uncontrollably jizz in one's pants upon the thought, mention, sight, presence, brief musings, discussion, pondering, or stalking of a person, place where person hangs out, or thing the person likes, loves, or maybe looked sideways at.... or maybe he or she just thinks about it... maybe... you will find out.... you must find out!

2) Noun: An act of instantaneously, and uncontrollably jizzing in one's pants as a result of the aforementioned reasons.
Girl 1: So I heard you saw Terry Hatcher yesterday.. She's so pretty!

Girl 2: OMG yeah I know, my ex-boyfriend always used to tell me how she was such an instagasm (it's part of why we broke up, can't have my man chasing another woman).

Girl 1: What's an instagasm?

Girl 2: Look it up on urban dictionary, duh!
by Weird People (in a good way) March 23, 2009
When you see something or feel something that causes one or more of your senses to orgasm.
Guy 1: *Sees extremely hot girl* *Insta-gasm*

Guy 2: *Eats bacon* *Insta-gasm*

Guy 3: *Hot drunk girl falls on top of him* *Insta-gasm*
by HCTKPR July 17, 2011
An instant orgasm by seeing something or even by the mere thought of something.
Meekey: Dude, did you see that girl wearing a beanie?
Atom: Yeah man. It was like an instagasm.
by hypocrisy October 23, 2011
Premature ejaculation
we were going at it, and before he put it in, he instagasmed and went to sleep.
by Markie J August 09, 2009
the practice of urinating or taking a shit upon ones self after being exposed to a frightening image.
Dont instagasm when I show you the pic that I took of my mom nude. Unless you're into that kinda thing.
by Billy Joey Armstrong August 02, 2007
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