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Slang term usually used to describe sawed off, double barreled shotguns which can only hold two shotgun shells at a time. one shell is inserted in each bore, allowing for two shots to be fired in rapid succession before it must be reloaded.
"nigga was sweatin me, so I pulled out my two shot and smoked him"

"I got a nickname for all my guns. A Desert Eagle that I call big pun. A two shot that I call 2-pac...." -- Qadir from the song "nickname"
by odiedodi August 30, 2008
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(a.k.a. "2-shot")
Any camera shot that is framed for two people; usually medium from the waist up. Two-shots are often used over-the-shoulder and reverse to cover a conversation between two people.
Okay Robson, set up a two-shot and let's make it snappy! We're losing the light and I wanna hit the In-N-Out before "Lost".
by Jasper Ray January 09, 2006

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