As you are urinating into a toilet while standing, you decide that you also have to defecate. You then switch to sitting position to void your bowels.

On a side note: It is considered good form to "cut off" your urine stream before switching to the sitting position unless you can execute a toilet straddling position. It is also not recommended to attempt a two-point conversion if your starting position is at a urinal, unless you have a stall waiting.
I usually don't poo at bars, but those chili cheese fries made me go for a two point conversion.
by dephex March 05, 2010
Top Definition
Taking a break from watching a football game to take a shit, usually during half time, a commercial or while the game is paused on DVR.
I wanted to wait to half time but had to hit pause for a two point conversion after that huge bean burrito.
by bofarr September 12, 2010
After having sex (or getting a blowjob), when a girl starts giving the guy PCH but then continues to suck the guy's dick until he has a second orgasm.
"Dude, how did things go with Rachel last night?"

"Awesome... we did it doggystyle, and then she went for the two-point conversion afterwards."
by quarterback August 05, 2006
While going number 1 at a urinal, a man may realize the sudden need to poop. The process of moving from the urinal to a stall in which he can go number 2 is called a two-point conversion.
Sorry guys, I thought it would be a quick stop, but after the tacos I had to perform a two-point conversion.
by c. nubbins January 27, 2011
When a man is having a pee and comes to the sudden realization that he also needs to have a poop, resulting in a panicked sit-down.
Greg just woke up for a morning piss but halfway through, his stomach grumbled, so he went for the two-point conversion.
by Flynnteractive March 11, 2014
When a man bangs a lesbian
I'm working on a two point conversion with this hot lesbian chick
by Holeypaladin November 13, 2010
the two-point conversion occurs when a man is having unprotected anal sex with another man. upon reaching orgasm and ejaculating in his partner's anus, he screams "TOUCHDOWN!", and punches his partner in the testicles.
"I can't believe Derek went for the two-point conversion last night; my nuts are still sore!"
by eric williams August 12, 2006
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