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When people use facebook like twitter and update their statuses 10 times a day and flood our news feeds. If your going to do that then go get a twitter account and stop doing it on facebook!!
Jeremy: Oh my god im so bored.
Jeremy: Anybody doing anything today?
Jeremy: The 90210 fianle sucked.
Jeremy: I have a britney spears fetish.
Person 1: Go get twitter you loser!!
Person 2: Yeah jeremy stop twitterbooking!!
by bju May 19, 2009
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The act of updating your Facebook status continually. Often including statuses such as 'is at the movies :)', 'i love (name)', 'is having a d&m with (name)', 'is having so much fun', 'goodnight everyone' and 'okay, im actually going to bed now, leave me love'. Most commonly done by people with bad spelling and grammar.
Person 1: Urghhhh, Stacey's Twitterbooking again.
Person 2: Seriously? Again? It's so annoying, when will she stop?
Person 1: Probably never.
Person 2: D :
by Jebus Holyshirt February 13, 2010
Posting a status on Facebook so often that it's like seeing your life in still frame. Also very annoying and worthy of the Hide option.
Ryan is: showering

Ryan is: using a blue towel to dry his hair

Ryan is: wondering if he should get dressed or just lay around in his towel

Ryan is: finally getting dressed

Ugh...Ryan is twitterbooking, I'm sick of him filling up my entire page, time to hide him!
by Fornido February 03, 2010

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