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v. To shamelessly flirt and schmooze on Twitter, knowing the world and his dog could be watching.

We may twirt with an individual we like, or send a coquettish and provocative public tweet deliberately in attempt to sway our online popularity in the social media spectrum. Sometimes this carnal behaviour extends to a tweep of the same sex to encourage eyebrow raising, chinwagging and hence more followers.

A lucky few may meet Mr or Mrs Right. Be wary to check credentials before getting too involved since said twitterer may in fact be an African prince trying to obtain your bank details.
To twirt or not to twirt, that is the question.
by seogeekbabe August 14, 2011
A Twitter flirt. Someone who is constantly putting flirty messages on Twitter or writing messages to their gf/bf through Twitter.
"He has been Twittering all week about how cute I am. He is such a twirt!"
by CeruleanGlitter May 09, 2010
A synthesis of the words 'twirl' and 'divert.' Used to signify when a sequence of events occurs in the wrong order
We had our bloody summer in April with the unbroken sunshine and warm temperatures. Now its actually Summer its cold and wet. Talk about a twirt of the seasons!
by mids99 July 30, 2009
Any means of artificially creating a more favourable climate, weather experience etc for yourself or plants.
1. 'I twirted the forecast this weekend and wend down the South East where the weather was sunnier.'

2. 'How come you've got daffodils flowering in November?'

'I twirted some bulbs by overwintering them in the fridge for a month and then planting in a greenhouse in October.'
by mids99 August 26, 2009
someone you used to think was uncool who you have now realized is cool.
she is such a twirt, how did i think she was uncool?
by sandawitchh February 04, 2008
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