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a person who is not your actual twin, doesnt look like you a lot, but you think is similar to you for some odd unapparent reason.

most people who utilize this term are very hopeless and aimless in their everyday lives.
"OHHH hey Gaby! My fav twinzle, lets go trade pokemon cards and chase boys who dont like us!"

"OKAY, i think i have a big butt by the way!!!!!"
by Zora August 31, 2007
two people who are the bestest of best friends but are not related (obviously) because they came out of two differend vaginas because one could be germaustrian and the other of the half asian/irish breed. these two people are female and are psychopaths that like to make obnoxiously wierd noises (not of the sexual kind but of the what the hell kind) they enjoy spazzing out before lacrosse and talking shit about their school.
"Karen and Erin are such twinzles!"

Mean dick: "What's wrong with those two chicks?"
Nice dick: "Oh, they must be twinzles."

Ass: "I wanna date me a twinzle."
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