A term used to describe a slightly overweight, yet attractive female.


(British slang, origin: Spanish, "Tuinkileras" likening such girls to the famous American snack, the "Twinky", due to their unashamed fat content, yet mysterious, alluring nature (often a pretty face, or "approachable" manner).


- Cankles

Caused invariably by slight obesity and / or standing in the middle of the dance floor all night, trying to be noticed. As one Spanish observer is quoted as saying: "El Tuinkileras tiene que tener los “cankles”" (Lit: "The Twinkies must have the cankles").

- Modest breasts

These separate the Twinky from women commonly seen as "bubbly".

- Fake tan

- Shortness

...Or at least a clear disproportion between the length of the lower body (shorter) and upper (longer). It is generally appreciated though that no Twinky should be labelled such if over 5ft 6" (167.6 cm).

- Pretty face


Gwinky - A ginger Twinky
Bwinky - Refers to Twinkies of African, or Afro-Carribean ethnicity.
Chwinky {Ch-ú-win-kéé} - To Twinkies of specifically Chinese ethnicity (though often used incorrectly for all Twinkies of Asian appearance).
Tuinkileras - A throwback from the spanish origins of the phrase, ironically now used to describe spanish women, possessing the "T" factor.
Dwinky - A "Deutche" (German) Twinky
Man this Twinky has some real cushion for the pushin'
by Twinkie Hunter May 01, 2011
Top Definition
An INSANE female, usually Caucasian. Someone who has not one but TWO twinkles in their eyes due to their high degree of social insanity, someone so over obsessed with an estranged lover that they become oblivious to their actions and consequences of their actions. Prone to fits spontanious crying,screaming, violent fits of rage or any emotional outburst at work, restaurants, traffic or any public place without sign or warning.
Can usually be found on the internet in singles chatrooms or have singles profiles on dating websites. Will come off as overly sexual possibly even agressive and enticing but will become posessive and demanding after intercourse. Has been known to call 8, 9, 15 or more times per day and will show up at your home or work un announced if ignored.
VERY, VERY hard to get rid of. Lacks any shame or accountability.
Greg: OMG, did you see Erin this morning?

Chuck: No, what did "Twinky" do this time?

Greg: That crazy bitch has been parked out front all night. This shit's starting to creep me out. You remember that movie where the chick boiled the rabbitts?

Chuck: Dude, that's it -- we need to have a house meeting
Dave REALLY needs to stop fucking these crazy internet chicks at the house. Not cool.

by Gonz8 March 24, 2008
An asian who acts like a white person, hangs out with white people, dresses like a white person, etc. Basicly, yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Used as an insult
That Micheal, what a twinky he is!
by who ate my peanuts December 09, 2004
asian people that only appear asian but are actually white on the inside.. much like a twinkie Phrase coined by Herold and Kumar!
Asian chick 1: that guy is HOT!
Asian chick 2: Naah.. hes a twinkie
by Alex October 14, 2004
The ultimate, pre-packaged, snack-cake. Completely lacking any form of nutrition, it consists of a "golden-sponge cake" injected with a "creamy filling".

It is hard to say what the actual contents are of this trailer park delicacy, neither would i want to know (ignorance is bliss).
The only food that could withstand a nuclear holocaust, it has the amazing ability to stop up your colon for days if eaten in excess.
Dude you gotta cut down on those twinkys.
by gcolpitts August 06, 2011
22" rims
The new Sean John Limited Edition Navigator rolls on twinkies.
by S3 September 30, 2003
Twins; People who dress, act, talk the same, or just like the same things.
"You like unicorns too?? We're twinkies!!"
by Twinkie#1 January 12, 2013
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