The fat rolls on the back of a white mans head. On a black person the same thing would be called HoHos
You're so fat it looks like you've got Twinkies hanging on the back of your head.
by JeLL0 February 15, 2012
a verb. To insert ones erected hand into another's armpit. Following, either wiggling the fingertips of the hand to symbolize a tickle (to an extent), or thrashing the hand vigorously in an up and down motion. Whilst doing either of these, the owner of the hand must, protrued from their vocal chords, the saying: "Twinkies!"
alternate tenses:(past: twinkiesed)(future: will twinkies)(present: twinkiesing)

Birthplace: Suwanee, Georgia
"In Phys Ed, I twinkiesed Jim.
by Pablicimo July 16, 2009
A unit of measurement in reference to somebody's poor eating habits regardless of his or her actual number of twinkies consumed.
Girl 1: Shit, that guy has to be atleast 400lbs!
Girl 2: Yeah looks as though he's been hittin the twinkies pretty hard.

I think you need to lay off the twinkies, Lars.

Phyllis definately gets her fair share of twinkies.
by Kakapoto May 22, 2007
A term used to describe a slightly overweight, yet attractive female.


(British slang, origin: Spanish, "Tuinkileras" likening such girls to the famous American snack, the "Twinky", due to their unashamed fat content, yet mysterious, alluring nature (often a pretty face, or "approachable" manner).


- Cankles

Caused invariably by slight obesity and / or standing in the middle of the dance floor all night, trying to be noticed. As one Spanish observer is quoted as saying: "El Tuinkileras tiene que tener los “cankles”" (Lit: "The Twinkies must have the cankles").

- Modest breasts

These separate the Twinky from women commonly seen as "bubbly".

- Fake tan

- Shortness

...Or at least a clear disproportion between the length of the lower body (shorter) and upper (longer). It is generally appreciated though that no Twinky should be labelled such if over 5ft 6" (167.6 cm).

- Pretty face


Gwinky - A ginger Twinky
Bwinky - Refers to Twinkies of African, or Afro-Carribean ethnicity.
Chwinky {Ch-ú-win-kéé} - To Twinkies of specifically Chinese ethnicity (though often used incorrectly for all Twinkies of Asian appearance).
Tuinkileras - A throwback from the spanish origins of the phrase, ironically now used to describe spanish women, possessing the "T" factor.
Dwinky - A "Deutche" (German) Twinky
Man this Twinky has some real cushion for the pushin'
by Twinkie Hunter May 01, 2011
The sexual act of finishings on your partners chest and then giving your partner a chest bump
dude I gave my girlfriend a twinky last night but afterwards we had to clean up my entire room
by BetaSixNine March 29, 2011
resembles a corn dog without the stick, except in place of the dog, is sweet cream. Hostess....yumm...
:lets go pig out on twinkeis
:burb, already done
by Qwerty April 20, 2004
The nickname sometimes used for the MLB team the Minnesota Twins.
The Twinkies are going to the World Series!!
by Mike!!!! April 17, 2006

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