A name for female infants who's biological father was a twink who empregnated his lesbiana friend, who realized she did not want the child and threw it to the dolphins, also a person who only partakes in sexual relations with twinks.
gosh, the poor widdle twinker
i always get my heart broken by those darn twinkers.
by Mr. Jo Bangles March 22, 2006
Top Definition
One who provides valuable goods to youth esp. beginning players of a game
"DanMan34's a total fucking twinker."
by David Allison August 21, 2003
the receiver in anal sex between a consensual homosexual couple involving a fairy and a bear.
When asking questions about his relationship with his boyfriend, david beckham claimed he was the twinker of the couple.
by beargirl August 25, 2009
A not-so-delectable mixture of twinkies and chowder, sometimes mistaken as chowdie
My girlfriend is supa pissed 'cause I packed twinkers for our picnic. Why doesn't anyone else like them??
by Julius Awesome April 18, 2011
verb (to twinker, twinkered) any common sexual reference in dealing with any given sexual part of a persons body,

noun - any sexual related body part
verb - he twinkered the s*** out of her
noun - i wanna pound her twinker all f***in night
both - you need to just twinker the hell out of her twinker
by cpunkrock07 January 18, 2010
Anyone who drives a Mustang Cobra
Look at that twinker in the Cobra getting spanked by the mini-van.
by bitchelp July 01, 2008
A guy who is an expert in buttfucking.
That gay ass twinker buttfucked my friend's friend!
by Joseph April 15, 2004
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