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Two people that are doing the same thing or are two things that are the same
Casey and Alyson are twims cause they are both skuxx, awesome, amazing and sexay ;)
by Ibeawesome. December 19, 2011
a noxious odor or smell
that's giving off a right horrible twim
by brewlio April 29, 2007
Acronym for "That's what I meant". The expression is often used to explain a misunderstood sentence.
A: I think we're not working out... You know, as a couple.
B: Ok, let's join a gym, then.
A: No, dumbass, I want to break up, TWIM
by Acronymer November 19, 2012
A girl referred as either a sexy or stupid slut. Depending on how you use it in a sentence. A guy referred as a twim is either a stupid or sexy man whore. Again, it depends on the use of the word.
John: did you see that girl last night?
Lance: yah man! I wish I could've taken her home with me. She was such a twim!

Jenny: ooh that Larry makes me mad! He cheated on me! He was dumb enough to leave his phone out!
Lacey: what a twim!
by Lbbr March 29, 2011
Almost identical to the point they could be mistaken for twins
Your sister and mother could be twims
by DJIII December 04, 2010
A female slut that is either a sexy or stupid. Depends on the usage of the sentence. When calling a male a twim, it means a man whore that is stupid or sexy.
Lacey: That guy that walked by just tripped. sooo stupid. I'm glad his looks make up for his actions!
Jenny: He's such a twim! The girls at the office will be jealous!

Lance: Is it hot in here or is it just that girl over there?
Jack: Thank God she's not stupid! But look at that tramp stamp! she's a twim alright!
by Hehechuckles March 29, 2011