Almost identical to the point they could be mistaken for twins
Your sister and mother could be twims
by DJIII December 04, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for "That's what I meant". The expression is often used to explain a misunderstood sentence.
A: I think we're not working out... You know, as a couple.
B: Ok, let's join a gym, then.
A: No, dumbass, I want to break up, TWIM
by Acronymer November 19, 2012
a noxious odor or smell
that's giving off a right horrible twim
by brewlio April 29, 2007
A girl referred as either a sexy or stupid slut. Depending on how you use it in a sentence. A guy referred as a twim is either a stupid or sexy man whore. Again, it depends on the use of the word.
John: did you see that girl last night?
Lance: yah man! I wish I could've taken her home with me. She was such a twim!

Jenny: ooh that Larry makes me mad! He cheated on me! He was dumb enough to leave his phone out!
Lacey: what a twim!
by Lbbr March 29, 2011
Two people that are doing the same thing or are two things that are the same
Casey and Alyson are twims cause they are both skuxx, awesome, amazing and sexay ;)
by Ibeawesome. December 19, 2011
A female slut that is either a sexy or stupid. Depends on the usage of the sentence. When calling a male a twim, it means a man whore that is stupid or sexy.
Lacey: That guy that walked by just tripped. sooo stupid. I'm glad his looks make up for his actions!
Jenny: He's such a twim! The girls at the office will be jealous!

Lance: Is it hot in here or is it just that girl over there?
Jack: Thank God she's not stupid! But look at that tramp stamp! she's a twim alright!
by Hehechuckles March 29, 2011
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