An abbreviation of "It Will" usually used in Instant Messaging Conversations;
Person 1: It won't rain tomorrow!
Person 2: Twill!
by Treviie2 November 28, 2009
Top Definition
cum in a girl and she queefs it out
last night I was with a girl and she twilled in my face
by maglio April 03, 2006
it will, it is going to be
twill be a chilly' nite
by Mames September 23, 2003
n; - a young to middle-aged gay male who is neither a twink (ages 18-25) nor a troll (aged 50+). That awkward in-between stage of twinkdom and trolldom (for purposes of this definition a twill is a gay male aged 26-49).
Kenny had his 26th birthday last night. He is now a TWILL until his 50th birthday.
by joekamel March 23, 2009
A crazy piece of hair on the back of some people's hair that sticks out and has its own brain and acts on its own free will.
Oh my god, look at Paul's twill, its crazy.
by Mustafa Jackson August 21, 2003
same as sweer-used in conjunction with sweer
dat twill b sweer
refer to sweer if u b twillin me
by 'stang November 29, 2004
Being stupid, and gay, one of the biggest faggots on earth.
Tim is a big twill!
by Chris Hunt April 23, 2004
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