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a tweet with a photo
Costolo: "Argh I just tripped over my cat, fell down the stairs and broke both my legs and hand that I am using to hold this phone with. Mmm..."
Dick: "So are you in pain?"
Costolo: "I'm, I think, OMG I can see the bones..."
Dick: "Quickly take a tweeto before you pass out!"
Costolo: "Sent! Check it, retweet, then call the paramedi..."
Dick "BFF!"
by fuekewl22 June 02, 2011
Typo made while tweeting on a keyboard that would be too small for Lilliputians. Also known as a Twittographical error.
Tweeto: Found awesome new shows on sale ay Marshall's.

when what you really meant to say was:
Found awesome new shoes on sale at Marshall's.
by Carma68 September 21, 2009
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