Last name of songwriter/musician/poet Jeff Tweedy. Jeff is formally of the band Uncle Tupelo but recieves most recognition from his current band Wilco. Jeff is also a member of the groups: Golden Smog, and Loose Fur. Jeff Tweedy has also released a book of poems and a DVD of solo peformances.
Will you be attendening Tweedy's show next week?
by Willard W. February 10, 2007
Top Definition
another term for marijuana.
aye braa, you got dat tweedy bra?
or can you go cook it up for me?
by thisisntsmiley July 03, 2008
to do a tweedy (or take a tweedy) is to hit out at someone in blind rage or to just flip out
mitchel: shut the fuck up paddy, what do you know!

paddy: wow don't do a tweedy!!
by blacky.chan June 30, 2010
Somebody who is bossy; named after one of the most bossy gangsta people in human history, Boss Tweed.
Sarah claims to be tweedy, but in reality we all know that JJ Park is the most tweedy of all.
by Monster meat May 30, 2008
A posh/upperclass weed smoking girl/boy; someone who is conservative or seen as unlikely to smoke weed (mixture of Tweed/weed)
"Wow she's so uptight she should let loose sometime"
"Dude, she's a total 'tweedy', don't be so presumptuous!"

by alexlex November 08, 2014
The word tweedy is an old slang word for sexy. It was used by men to describe how a woman was looking
Look over there that women is lokking mightly tweedy
by Sam March 13, 2005
A term used to further intagimize whomever you are speaking with. Represents the state of being skanky, shady, or sneaky. Usually used in front of a curse word to reinforce the power behind insults.
1. I hate that girl, she a lil 'tweedy' ass bitch.

2. Shut up you 'tweedy' mother fucker, you have pissed me off for the last time.
by Bossassbitch2225 November 03, 2015

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