tweedle, a sum meaning no T.V
Boy - T.V + Brains + Hair = FEZ
by Scotty-0 March 31, 2003
Top Definition
The act of ordering the same meal at a restaurant as one of the other people at your table.
Johnny ordered the steak. I didn't want to tweedle so I ordered a salad.

The menu is four pages long! Why are you tweedling off me?
by D. Vista April 26, 2005
another name for the female genetalia
Man im tryin to get at that tweedle if u know what im sayin
by J Reda April 07, 2007
Another name for something someone plays on guitar, generally something short, solo like, and not going anywhere particular, but it's not limited to that.
I was jamming with my Fender Telecaster, and my girl was impressed with my tweedles.

I was recording some random tweedles, and one of them ended up being the solo on the final cut.

Um, I think Mick's in his room, tweedeling about on the guitar.
by SilentVendetta September 21, 2010
slang for marijuana
i sure do wish i could get to the pharmacy and get my tweedles for my back pain.
by frantannaman December 04, 2009
to lean back on one's chair whilst waving one's top around thine head in a rotating motion.
man, mike was 'tweedling' so hard last night i thought he was gonna break that chair.
Wish i could tweedle like that.
by lanal April 08, 2012
To play classic Tweedle music.High pitched modulating sounds. To tweedle with a flute,oboe or other wind instrument capable of tweedle modulating sounds.
I tweedled in concert.i practiced my tweedleing all day long.
by Joe Robinson December 07, 2003
A blunt that is made out of marijuana, bleach, cat fur, butter and is rolled up in comic book paper.
Hey dude lets go smoke a tweedle
by Mr Wigger October 29, 2010
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