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tweedle= some one who has no television.
Fez is a tweedle
by Daschmacht March 24, 2003
7 9
another name for the female genetalia
Man im tryin to get at that tweedle if u know what im sayin
by J Reda April 07, 2007
58 48
The act of ordering the same meal at a restaurant as one of the other people at your table.
Johnny ordered the steak. I didn't want to tweedle so I ordered a salad.

The menu is four pages long! Why are you tweedling off me?
by D. Vista April 26, 2005
25 15
A blunt that is made out of marijuana, bleach, cat fur, butter and is rolled up in comic book paper.
Hey dude lets go smoke a tweedle
by Mr Wigger October 29, 2010
6 3
Another name for something someone plays on guitar, generally something short, solo like, and not going anywhere particular, but it's not limited to that.
I was jamming with my Fender Telecaster, and my girl was impressed with my tweedles.

I was recording some random tweedles, and one of them ended up being the solo on the final cut.

Um, I think Mick's in his room, tweedeling about on the guitar.
by SilentVendetta September 21, 2010
2 0
slang for marijuana
i sure do wish i could get to the pharmacy and get my tweedles for my back pain.
by frantannaman December 04, 2009
4 2
To play classic Tweedle music.High pitched modulating sounds. To tweedle with a flute,oboe or other wind instrument capable of tweedle modulating sounds.
I tweedled in concert.i practiced my tweedleing all day long.
by Joe Robinson December 07, 2003
7 7
to lean back on one's chair whilst waving one's top around thine head in a rotating motion.
man, mike was 'tweedling' so hard last night i thought he was gonna break that chair.
Wish i could tweedle like that.
by lanal April 08, 2012
0 1