-A twat wedgie.

-When your underwear gets in the creveses of your vagina, causing discomfort.
Carol: What are you doing?

Katy: I'm picking my twedgie.
by Twatolina October 01, 2011
Top Definition
"twat wedgie", camel toe, when you can see the form of a woman's pussy lips through her tight fitting pants
She gets an insane twedgie when she wears those tight khakis.
by Scotty November 23, 2004
A very uncomfortable vagina wedgie (formally known as a twat wedgie, hence "twedgie") when a woman's underwear rides up the lips of her vagina and creates a vivid display for all the public to see and laugh at. Men with vaginas can get them too.
dayum! that vagina has one mean twedgie!!
by Jaegermeister69 March 07, 2009
It is a wedgie in the front.
That girl know her pants are too tight, look she got a twedgie.
by realb337 September 25, 2011
A taint wedgie

When your boxers/boxer briefs ride up into the area between your asshole and nutsack causing discomfort
I leaned forward while sitting down and got a killer twedgie.
by SinfulHoliday December 28, 2009
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