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Extremely annoying, attention seeking, overly dramatic (even for teenagers) teenagers, who shriek or scream everything. Usually female, but not exclusively.
Him: What's up?
Me: I have to get out of the house. There are three twattles out in the street playing "American Idol Outtakes" and it's driving me up a wall!
by Morgan1212 September 22, 2012
1. The act of a twat being masturbated
2. When a woman's vagina hangs down too low (similar to that of a waddle on a neck)
1. "I was so horny last night that I couldn't help myself! I had to twattle myself at work!"
2. "Did you see the photo of that girl on the Internet with the twattle? Her pussy lips hung down a good 6" from her body!"
by brentionary March 17, 2009
The collective noun for a group of lesbians. ("A twattle of lesbians", as "a flock of sheep".)
"Who's coming to the party?"
"Uh... John... Cathy..."
"Cathy's coming? Is she bringing her twattle?"
"Oh, god, I hope not."
by Ted Just Ted August 14, 2006
People engaging in a verbal/rhetorical battle or feud on the social media internet-service "twitter".

A "heated" discussion on twitter.

Derived from the company name "twitter" and the word "battle" - twattle.
Game on, it's a twattle!
by aronrica February 17, 2011
The minor to the insult of twat, someone not quite as unlikable to deserve that insult.
"Dude, Lindsay is such a twat"
"Nah, Regina George is a twat, she's just a twattle."
by Captain Twattle August 10, 2012
Vaginal succretion, derivative of "twat".
I got twattle all over the bedsheet.
My boyfriend got me so excited, I had major twattle.
by annelbeads December 03, 2003
The act of succreting vaginal fluids, derivative of "twat".
You are making me twattle, baby!
I twattled on his face last night.
by annelbeads December 03, 2003