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Another name for a penis.
Featured in Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo.
"Are you gonna show her your twatsicle??"
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
When you stick a pop sicle in a womans vagina let it ment, and drink the juice!
I like to give grape Twat-sicle's to hot babes!
by Louis (LaMigra) January 05, 2006
a sexually appealing penis
"Use your twat-sicle and make babies!"
by 1111 August 21, 2006
when you are fucking in the winter and your cum freezes
i would go fuck in a igloo but i might get a twat sicle
by jason and jonah July 19, 2009
Fucking a girl with a popsicle before eating them out. A post-fuck is optional and sticky.
Last night we got bored so I gave her a twatsicle before we fucked. It felt like fucking a zombie.
by fvzm4 November 10, 2009
A Shemales or manshes Penis.
Wow that girl I was with last night had a huge twatsicle.
by John M. Sanders October 22, 2007
1) A twat that hasn't been used in atleast 38 years and is so cold from not being in use that has actually frozen over.
2) A Eskimo's vagina
1) "My vagina hasnt been touched in so long its a twatsicle"
2) "Man i wanna get me some of that twatsicle!"
by metal_thrashing_mad June 04, 2011