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n. the female ovaries.
n. a person or more commonly a group of people who can't get anything correct and attempt to make out that their shortcomings are your fault, or simply someone or some group who continually fucks up.
See also: cuntnut(s), asshat.
The people at the Chik-Fil-A last night were total twatnuts and tried to stiff me on waffle fries and my cookies and creme milkshake. Then they tried to say that I didn't order them, until I showed them the receipt. What twatnuts!
by Brodie Cumberland May 20, 2008

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When you jizz in a girl's twat, and all the jizz that's left behind.
Just had a twat nut inside Jessica, and now it's all hot and sticky up in there...
by DingoIna June 05, 2011