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toiletpaper that gets stuck in yo twat after taking a dump.
"yo grl, before i eat yo pussy gotz to go clean dos twatnuggets!"
by molher August 26, 2006
2 6
the product of a really raunchy, rancid cunt(twat)
shut the fukk up u silly twat nugget
by marc caporale August 14, 2003
25 7
A slut who wants just for you to bang her doggy style, often confused with the Twatcicle.
Girl:Let's go somewhere alone... ;D
Boy:DAMN GIRL, you are such a twatnugget!
by Tim Curry, Jamie Lee Curtis February 15, 2009
8 1
A nugget of dry cum deep in the twat
when i was eating out a girl i felt a giant twat nugget deep inside her
by Fin Germatwat October 31, 2010
6 6