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What to call people when there are being a twat. Usually describes someone that does something that requires a friendly reminder that they are being a vagina.

Why you get called a twatermelon:

1. Not following bros before hos.
2. Leaving a party early.
3. Not making a move on a girl.
4. Acting like you are drinking at party when you are really just trying not to look like a twat.
"Come over to my house. Mike is about fight some douche."

"I cant, I told Sara I would hang out with her tonight."

"John, don't be a twatermelon. Get your ass over here."

"O.K. I wont puss out."
by Mikey Bartlett January 13, 2008
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The frontal orb of fat that some women harbor in their pants. Can easily be mistaken for a watermelon.
Wow that girl has a twatermelon.

Does she have a beach ball in her pants? No, it's just a twatermelon...
by hamburgers0988 February 21, 2015
It is when vagina is fucked so hard that it turns raw pink on the inside and bruised green on the outside.
''man, i was with my girl all day. i made a twatermelon in between her legs.''
''She thought she was a freak, but i turned her vagina into a twatermelon.''
by benharless March 13, 2008
It is when a man makes love to a womans vagina so much that it turns raw pink on the inside and bruised green around the outside.
Ben made love to Samantha so much one day that she ended up with a twatermelon in between her legs.
The pornstars vagina was left a twatermelon after Ryan was done with it.
by ben9912 March 15, 2008

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