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a derogatory term for a woman deemed to be an icy bitch. Combines the terms the words, twat and icicle.
Whitni- "Yo girl, that bitch down the hall needs to get that stick out of her hoochy ass and stop being such an asshole"
Abby- "Fo' sure girl, what a twatcicle!"
by Tim, courtesy of Abby December 14, 2007
A termed used to describe bad feminine hygiene.

Used to describe the act of using a Popsicle stick to demonstrate lack of feminine hygiene.
Tom: "She is really nasty!"
Peter: "Yeah, I stuck in a Popsicle stick a few minutes later I pulled out a twatcicle."
Tom: "Tasty..."
by Smuchers November 05, 2010
Trinity...ENOUGH SAID .... Juicy and scrumpshess!!!
Trinity J. A. is a Twatcicle!!
by BIG STUD CHUCK October 08, 2009
the male organ,used for reproduction. Penis,cock,dick.
"Oh girl love the way my twat-cicle feels deep inside her"
by love2ride August 02, 2006