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Just like to frape someone on Facebook, To twape someone is to use someone else's Twitter account and post things that they wouldn't usually.

The act between raping and Twitter combined to Twape.
Hey, guess what?
Joe just got twaped.
Really by who?
Ha, It was me who twaped him. I called him a homo
by frolicols April 03, 2011
Twape - (v) to forcibly expose an unwilling or unsuspecting party to the thrusting and gyrations of one's hips in order to make one's buttocks produce a clapping motion. See also: Twerking; Twerk-Rape
Miley Cyrus twaped everyone at the 2013 VMAs.
by Mr-Q September 02, 2013
Similar to "Frape" except it takes place on Twitter. Can occur when one's password is known by friends who wish to have a laugh, or one's account is hacked by some not-so nice people who wish to publicly embarrass the unfortunate individual. The verb is "to twape," with the past, present and future tense of the being ">subject< twaped," ">subject< is twaping," and ">subject< will twape," respectively while for the person on the receiving end the past, present and future tenses are ">victim< was twaped," ">victim< is being twaped," and ">victim< will be twaped."
"You should have seen his face after he found out that I twaped him>"
"I found out her password, so now I'm twaping her."
"That guy annoys me, maybe if I twape him it'll sort him out."
"That jerk twaped me the other day."
"Don't believe what it says on my Twitter page, it's not me, I'm being twaped!"
"Give her my password? Are you mad? I'll be twaped if I do that!"
by I am The Voice December 31, 2011
When you and a group of fellow tweeters attack a person's twitter account with reckless abandonment.
Yo, you trying to go twape Andrew's bitch ass?
by MattyJ100 May 26, 2011

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