An acronym standing for "That Was Amusing" instead of "LOL." The word "TWA" depicts what really occurs in the typer's mind, as rarely do people actually laugh out loud when they say "LOL." Originally used by Tom and his less amusing sister. As of now, it's not used in widespread manners.
"What's the difference between a pizza and a Jew?"
"I don't know, what?"
"A pizza doesn't scream when it's in the oven."
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by MisterOriginality January 08, 2012
Top Definition
Teenie Weenie Afro/ Teeny Weeny Afro, a very short hairstyle, about an inch or two off the head. It is often the starting point of African-American women who wish to rid their hair of chemicals which straighten or loosen the curls and kinks in their hair in an effort to wear a natural hairstyle.
Woman 1:Hey girl, I'm done with relaxers! I wanna go natural!
Woman 2:So I take it you'll be rockin' the TWA then?
Woman 1:Yeah...It'll look fierce, but I'll still be happy when it grows out!
#teenie weenie afro #teeny weeny afro #twa #natural hair #baa
by Erica J November 16, 2006
Short way of saying 'it was'.
"Was the gig last night good?"
"Twas wicked!!"
by meellaah January 19, 2004
1)a possessive form of the airline abbreviation
2)The plural of "twat"
3)A toast made a bit later in the evening.
1)You're supposed to give those headphones back to the Stewardess, they're TWAs.
2)I paid the ladies ahead of time for my favorite holiday pastime. Twas, the night before Christmas.
3)First round- to your beauty and my wit.(Drink)
Second round-to a lovely evening! (Drink)
Third round- to you- what's your name again?(they drink)
Eight round- Twas! (spill, then find mouth)
#christmas #toast #twa #twat #holiday
by Pantaloon January 03, 2008
Camp Mataponi language for a situation where someone or something is awkward

Stands for "that was awkward"
Prim looks so twa in that picture

I ran into my ex yesterday. TWA!
#twa #mataponi #camp mataponi #awkward #that was akward
by mataponi <3 August 14, 2010
The Old English combination of the words "it" and "was", now creeping back into modern culture.
-Did you see the movie Yesterday?
-Yep. 'Twas the best movie I've ever seen.
by Seth Vicious October 05, 2004
Popular slang for That Was Awkward. Pronounced in one syllable (as opposed to saying each letter--it's just twa). To be used during or after an awkward occasion. Originated in Lexington, KY. Soon to be a website like FML and MLIA and already a popular facebook group.
Today, I saw a friend I hadn't seen in awhile. I went in for the pound, he went in for the hug. TWA.

Today, my parents got home from the Bahamas and brought earrings back for my little sister. They were huge silver balls and upon seeing them I said, "WOAH, those balls are huge." My father then replied, "That's what she said." TWA.
#twa #awkward #moments #akward #popular #slang
by TWAinator October 10, 2009
Third World Assassin
Dude, TWA 9 o' clock... DON'T LOOK AT HIM... he might blow himself up
by kelin November 06, 2003
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