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3 definitions by Toli

see hadoken

"ha" = wave "dou" = motion "ken" = punch.

who the hell knows, it's probably the misheard taunt that japanime kickboxing/martial arts games use, obvious only by the fact that blue flame that emits from fists after executing a bitchin combo 17x in a row wins the round, and makes you l33t.

or, it's something even lamer.
it's HA DOO KEN mutha fucka
by Toli July 29, 2003
3 3
The sexiest looking, most wicked, most capable,most debated, outrageously expensive music synthesizer in the world, at the time of this writing. It is made by renowned instrument company Korg. Incorporates a Pentium 4 motherboard running Linux, a color touch screen and its also a hard disk recorder, sampler and a mixing console among other things.

Its price, rather than its capabilities, have been the subject of many hot debates among musicians on the net, giving it a publicity that already made the OASYS a cult instrument.
the Yamaha will make sound as reliably as a Toyota. But the Korg OASYS is the Ferrari.
by Toli November 26, 2005
2 3
Terrorists Welcome Aboard
Fly TWA, Arafat is not hitting us today
by Toli November 20, 2005
6 7