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In italian it mean:
Ti Voglio Bene, that mean something like: I Love You :) or i guess: I'm fond of you.
T.V.T.B. (ti voglio tanto bene) - I'm Awfully Fond of You
T.A.T. = Ti amo tanto (I love you so much)
T.V.U.M.D.B. = O_o ti voglio un mondo di bene (hmmmm... i cant translate this but it's same for I'm Awfully Fond of You)
by A.T.A.T.V.U.M.D.B April 30, 2005
In a multiplayer game. The top of the player list vs the bottom of the player list vs bottom..
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
Abbreviation of the Italian expression 'ti voglio bene', meaning essentially 'i love you' in a platonic way. This expression of love is used between friends and family members and differs from 'ti amo' (which means 'i love you' in a strictly romantic sense).
"Mum, ti voglio bene"

"Happy Birthday Ella. You are my Best Friend in the whole world. TVB!!!"
by gaga girl July 14, 2009
Tight Virgin Butt-hole
After knowing brett for several months he let me have his tight virgin butt-hole "TVB"
by That6uy November 30, 2009
The frequently used acronym T.V.B. has multiple meanings in spoken Italian language.

The most widely seen T.V.B. meaning is "Ti voglio bene", which in English can be translated as "I like you".

Among other various meanings of the Acronym a noteworthy is "Ti vedo bastardo", which in English can be translated with the colloquial rap slang phrase "I see you homie."

The acronym originates from the sms text era, from which it began gaining popoularity among italian teenagers.
E.g. as "I like you":

You are such a friend of mine, thanks for the help T.V.B..

E.g. as "I see you homie":
Yo dude thanks for the props, T.V.B..
by Robberto RRambo March 24, 2014

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