Make up and cosmetics. Used commonly by the lovely girls from Blackpool
I look like shit! I'd better put some tutty on or I won't be pulling any meat tonight.
by kristoffDundee January 31, 2011
Top Definition
how to say shit in hindi/punjabi/urdu.

man, i need to go for a tutty.
yaar, mujhe tutty aiy hain.
by awais August 27, 2007
Fine, hot, sexy, attractive
by DawnC January 15, 2010
nipples the size of dish saucers
The man could not fit his mouth around the Quad Bs tutties
by Tutties4eva March 04, 2012
naff, silly, crazy, stupid, idiotic, fonda, lizzi
She is tutty for doing that
by krolb02 March 06, 2012
Crap, naff, kitsch, bad quality, disappointing, in poor taste. Presumably derived from the tutting noise that is so often the first reaction when we see something we disapprove of. Can be used of things, people, forms of behaviour, styles of dress, music. When used by a male of other males can have homophobic implications (see example). British Punjabi slang?
'The three a us spoke in sync like we belonged to some tutty boy band, the kind who sing the chorus like it's some blonde American cheerleader routine.' Gautam Malkani, 'Londonstani', 2006, p.3.
by Paul 2006 June 08, 2006
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