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(adjective) Shabby beyond all disrepair. Unkempt, frowsy, broken, dusty, tattered, tarnished, or basically anything (or anyone) that is unsightly.
I can't wear this linty, dusty sweater.
Why not? You look fine.
I'd rather not leave the house looking all tusty.
by tripscore November 15, 2010
Horny, wanting it, in the mood.
I'm so Tusty!
Your so Tusty!
She's so Tusty!
by Big Will August 21, 2003
slang for "thirsty" with specific reference to interaction with the opposite sex.
see soca song "Tusty" by Blacks (2009)
"Ah tusty to wine mama, ah tusty to grind mama"
by sub27 February 27, 2009
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