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The word 'tusken' is commonly used in and around the bournemouth area to describe a very attractive member of the female population.

You could be driving along one day and spot a prime little tusken walking along the pavment and that might make your day

Can also be used as a plural to describe a group of very attractive girls
-corr! check out that girl! she is a prime tusken!

-that girl is TUSK!

-tuskens at 3 o'clock!
by jimbmx306 February 09, 2010
One of the best species of Star Wars:The killed a pod-racer in the Boontha-Eve Clasic,the killed Anakin's mother,and they almost killed Luke Skywalker and probably destroy C-3PO.To sum up,the kings of Tatooine.
-Dude,that tusken is kissing your girlfriend.
-Crap,there's nothing we can do.
by Cacique November 20, 2007
Scaly from liverpool area. Screachs like a sandperson wearing standardised uniform (rockport, trackies, crocidiles)
The Tuskens are out tonight. You'll we must be cautious.
by ChadMaxuimum August 24, 2002
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