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An extremely hard (damn near impossible) to locate body part. It takes up 3.03649 percent of the human body, and is extremely sensitive to light, sound, moisture, and insults. Known to exhibit signs of sentience, the tusculum has yet to be recognized as an entity separate to the human body.
Ouch, you hit my tusculum!

Oh shit, dude! You sound like a tusculum on crack!!
by Chester Bourbonfield December 30, 2007
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noun; large solid mass of mucus.

adjective; someone that is 'slimey' and or 'slick'
noun; " Your breathing problem is probably due to the tusculum lodged in your sinus area. "

adjective; " Look at him, with his smug look and slick oily hair, he looks like such a tusculum. "
by I<3PbJs[: September 22, 2010

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