This term came about through a very popular cartoon of a helmet topping off a pair of boots to signify the veteran with just a short time left in his enlistment and keeping a REALLY low profile, turtle-like, trying to make it out alive. Among VietNam and older veterans a challenge term by which infantrymen recognized each other.

When a veteran infantryman would meet another veteran, the question would be asked: "Are you a turtle?". To which the challenged veteran would have to either reply "You bet your sweet ass I am!" or have to buy the challenging veteran a drink.
Army veteran: "Are you a turtle?"

Marine veteran: "You bet your sweet ass I am".
by 19D4L August 23, 2012
evil little shits who are the reason for everything bad in life. little shits.

Jamie W: ah.. it's the turtles again ¬¬'
by meowww-and stuff. October 19, 2011
A word that can be substituted for any sexual term in which the genitals are stimulated. Most often used as a less vulgar word as oppsed to using the technical term of the sexual pleasure.
Make sweet sex to me, thanks. = "Turtle Me"
Yesterday I gave this hott guy a blow job = "Yesterday I turtled this hott guy"
by Shmooper February 07, 2009
The most beautiful, smart, caring, amazing, talented, sexy, intelligent, funny, interesting, woman in the whole wide world. She's the girl every dude describes when imagining their dream girl and the girl every man describes when imagining their wildest fantasy. She is a best friend, the hommie, and always there when you need her. She is the life of the party and has a smile that turns the worst day around.
If turtle ever gave me a chance to be a part of her world it would make all of my dreams come true. She is all that and a lifetime supply of chips.
by Boo Cakes September 06, 2008
Marijuana- it is called turtle because its green and it makes you move slow
we be smokin dat turtle, moving hella slow
by Jcracka September 13, 2005
In intercourse when the female pushes the males penis inward, resulting in a massive ejaculation all over the females face
When larry's girlfriend gave him a turtle he couldnt help but go into his shell
by Narvie July 16, 2005
When your doing a chick from behind underneath a coffee table and whenever shes pokes her head or arm out from underneath you get a rolled up newpaper and hit it saying "get back in your shell"
I gave her a turtle last night, she loved it
by Dom dt June 13, 2007
An extremely annoying ass person who has a small head, constantly disrupts the peace of life and thinks they are a part of the group but really is not liked by anyone.
Shit!!!!! the turtle is in the lounge so we have to sneak by so they don't know were going out tonight.
by nip/tuck May 03, 2007
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