Top Definition
a code name for beer, usually bud light.
hey nick, get the turtle jiz out of the room before your mom sees it.
by josh the shit July 23, 2008
code name for beer usally bud light
Josh I heard your parents found your turtle jiz that was in the back of your car.
by N Kasper July 27, 2008
a code word meaning beer usally bud light
Turtle Jiz is whats for dinner

Josh i heard your parents found all that turtle jiz in the trunk of your car that sucks
by n_kasper August 03, 2008
a code word for beer so your parents wont kno what your talkin about usally bud light
Turlte jiz is whats for dinner

dude nick my parents flipped when they found that turtle jiz in the back of my car
by nkasper July 30, 2008
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